Sunday, 17 March 2019


High Fliers Pod 2 have had a great time and lots of laughs during our sessions of Korfball. Korfball is a fun sport that is new to most Year 7's, it includes a mix of good defending skills, good attacking skills, lots of running, and all round heaps of energy. We all had a fantastic time, it was really fun and enjoyable. 

Here are the rules of Korfball:
  • Teams consist of eight players - four female and four male.
  • Korfball matches consist of two halves.
  • Each team has four players in each half and during the match they cannot switch zones. 
  • In Korfball, the aim is to score by throwing the ball through the opposition’s basket.
  • Once two goals have been scored, the teams change zones, with attackers becoming defenders and vice versa. Teams also swap ends at half time.
  • On receiving the ball, a player may not dribble, walk or run with it but can move one foot with one remaining planted to the ground as in netball.
  • Tackling, blocking and holding are not allowed in Korfball.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Welcome to room 12 and 13
We are two really cool classes at St Martins

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